Episode 35: Cathy Gale Era
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 Hombres Asesinos

 Una donna in mare (A woman in the sea)

Working title: The Most Expensive Commodity

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Steed fancies being an assassin
Venus almost sings a swan song*

Production completed: 4 October 1962
UK Premiere (London, Season 2): 3 November 1962
US Premiere (A&E cable): ca. 1 February 1991

Steed sets himself up to become part of a team of assassins in order to prevent the murder of a young French sex-symbol film star who made the mistake of making political statements. Steed's plans go awry when Venus Smith, whom he had solicited to help, spots him with the film star and unwittingly tells one of the other assassins.


This one could have been better, but it lacks polish, and the guest stars are mediocre at best. A significant chunk of the show is awkwardly devoted to a complete jazz tune performed by the Dave Lee Trio. (The band is actually more interesting without Venus Smith singing with it.)


Exclusive: Writer Roger Marshall has penned an essay about his tenure on The Avengers.

Some scenes were pre-recorded on 3 October 1962 in advance of the main recording.

*This unofficial subtitle is by Yours Truly.

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Teleplay by
Story Editor
Designed by
Directed by

Roger Marshall & Jeremy Scott
John Bryce
Patrick Downing
Leonard White
Don Leaver

Full production credits


John Steed
Venus Smith
Bug Siegal
Jack Dragna
Cecile Dragna
Nicole Cauvin
Harbor Officer

Patrick Macnee 007
Julie Stevens
Edwin Richfield #
Reed de Rouen #
Patricia Denys
George Roderick #
Douglas Muir #
Hira Talfrey
Edina Ronay #
Donald Tandy
Ivor Dean #
Hugo de Vernier
George Little #
The Dave Lee Trio


Ivor Dean

Dead Man's Treasure
Super Secret Cypher Snatch

Reed de Rouen

The Far-Distant Dead

George Little

Man With Two Shadows

Douglas Muir

Death Dispatch
Mr Teddy Bear
Immortal Clay

Edwin Richfield

Girl on the Trapeze
The White Elephant
Too Many Christmas Trees
Dead Man's Treasure
All Done with Mirrors

George Roderick

Crescent Moon

Edina Ronay

The Nutshell

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