Who's Who: Recurring Characters
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In order to organize some of these entries, I had to make an arbitrary executive decision: if they appeared six or more times, they were regular cast; otherwise, they were recurring characters. Thus, Dr. Martin King was relegated to this page, while Venus Smith just squeaked by as a regular. Another caveat: actors appearing in two-part episodes were excluded. "Hot Snow" and "Brought to Book" constituted a two-parter, since the same story was continued, albeit under different titles, and "K is for Kill" was the only other two-parter.

Dr. Martin King, played by Jon Rollason, served briefly as a stand-in of sorts for Dr. David Keel. It must have been a little awkward to assume a lead role with no opening title credit.

Mission to Montreal
Dead On Course
The Sell-Out

Judy, played by Gillian Muir (Douglas Muir's daughter), was to Dr. Martin King what Carol Wilson was to Dr. David Keel. Born ~1936, she only has one other screen credit on record: seven appearances on The Younger Generation.

Mission to Montreal
The Sell-Out 

Douglas Muir appeared as the perpetually dour-looking One-Ten, Steed's superior during the earlier Cathy Gale days. Only one episode shy of making it as a regular! Born in 1904, he appeared in A Christmas Carol with Patrick Macnee.

Death Dispatch
Mr Teddy Bear
The Removal Men
Immortal Clay

Charles (Paul Whitsun-Jones, who later guested with Emma Peel and Tara King) was another of Steed's many bosses, and something of a Mother prototype.

Man With Two Shadows
The Wringer


Brodny was an inept and annoying Russian ambassador during the Emma Peel era, played all too effectively by Warren Mitchell (who also appeared twice during the Cathy Gale era).

Two's a Crowd
The See-Through Man

Frederick Jaeger played Benson, Dr. Armstrong's assistant, in two Emma Peel episodes. Jaeger also showed up in The New Avengers, although he missed a golden opportunity to reprise Benson. He appeared with Joanna Lumley in Cold Comfort Farm.

The Cybernauts
Return of the Cybernauts

John Paul appeared in The New Avengers as Dr. Kendrick. He also guested with Tara King. Born 1921, he died in 1995 with over 100 (mostly television) screen credits to his name.

The Three-Handed Game

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