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Steed hunts a traitor, and finds himself fighting Cathy

Production completed: 10 May 1963
UK Premiere (London, Season 3): 19 October 1963
US Premiere (A&E cable): ca. 8 March 1991

Steed and Cathy are called in to determine how someone broke into a super-duper-secret underground facility, microfilmed a critical document, and got away. While the investigation proceeds, it becomes apparent that Steed was involved in the break-in, and is arrested for treason.


All I can say is, wow! It's a small-scale James Bond film. Highly ambitious, incredibly detailed and imaginative, lavishly produced, with computers, fingerprint analyzers, x-ray identifiers, gorgeous enemy agents, more acronyms than a New York Times crossword puzzle, and enough plot twists to make a rope green with envy—all taking place fifty stories underground. Good performances all around, particularly John Cater as Disco.


Edina Ronay (Elin) is the daughter of noted and feared gastronomic critic, Egon Ronay. Also, writer Philip Chambers had many Sexton Blake novels to his name before submitting "The Nutshell," which was his first script for television. (Mike Noon)

Acronym Alert: NUTSHELL is Thermonuclear Underground Target Zone Shelter, BIG BEN is Bilateral Infiltration of Great Britain, Europe and North America, and DISCO is Director of Intelligence, Security and Combined Operations.

 Best Scene

Steed meets with Elin, the escapologist who broke into Nutshell, in the midst of a rehearsal by another escapologist in training who is not doing very well—much to Steed's amusement (see the third image). "It's the crisscross behind the knees that did it."

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Written by
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Directed by

Philip Chambers
Philip Harrison
Raymond Menmuir

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John Steed
Cathy Gale
Military Policeman

Patrick Macnee 007
Honor Blackman 007
Charles Tingwell #
John Cater #
Patricia Haines #
Christine Shaw
Edina Ronay #
Ian Clark
Ray Browne #
Jan Conrad
Edwin Brown #


Edwin Brown

The Mauritius Penny

Ray Browne

The Sell-Out
The Big Thinker
Death of a Batman

John Cater

Death at Bargain Prices
The Living Dead

Patricia Haines

Girl on the Trapeze
The Master Minds
Who's Who???

Edina Ronay

The Removal Men

Charles Tingwell

Return of the Cybernauts

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