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The Avengers in ARGENTINA

Los Vengadores!
Carlos Pagés and four other fans from Argentina have together created a stunning Avengers website, the first in Spanish! Featuring hundreds of pages of great original text and art, the site is lovingly dedicated to The Avengers and its fans around the world.

Current Broadcast Information
Unfortunately, after three years of glorious daily transmissions, The Avengers is no longer broadcast in Argentina since 1 December 2002. The reasons are uncertain. Uniseries, the cable channel responsible for the re-running of the series in this country after 25 years of absence from our TV screens, didn't gave any explanation about this measure. Since broadcasting was stopped on exactly the same date the re-runs began three years ago (1 December 1999), it's suspected to be an issue related to expired rights. During these three golden years, all Avengers episodes of all eras were broadcast, except for the following Cathy Gales: "Mr Teddy Bear", "Death on the Rocks", "Six Hands Across A Table", "The Undertakers", "The Secrets Broker", "Esprit de Corps" and "Lobster Quadrille". — Carlos Pagés

Previous Broadcast History
I work for a cable network in Argentina called Uniseries. We will be playing the whole Emma Peel series of The Avengers. We just sponsored a screening of eight episodes in a local movie theatre last week. Full house, and it was screened from 12 AM to 8 AM (breakfast included)! Congratulations on your site, it is wonderful. Hope you keep it up. — Gabriel Sagel, Buenos Aires, Argentina

(The advert at right describing the launch of the series was contributed by Paola Brandolisio of Italy.)

An "Historic" Moment
On Sunday, 7 May, at 9 PM, the day when the episode is chosen by mail votes, Uniseries screened "The Frighteners." I suppose it was more a decision of the network than the choice of the public. — Pablo Alonso (The Sergei Brodny Appreciation Society)

Notes on Cathy Gale in Argentina
Actually, the first episode of the Cathy Gale era to be broadcast in Argentina was during a "Premiere" of sorts that Uniseries ran in October 1999. It included the following episodes: "Warlock," "The Cybernauts," "Epic" and "Game." Until Wednesday, 15 March, no other Cathy Gale episode was ever broadcast. With "Dead On Course," Uniseries has begun to broadcast the entire season for the first time in Argentina. — Carlos Pagés

Gustavo Oscar Ippolito passed along these images of a street advertisement for the series. By the way, the pinkish building to the left of the advert is the workplace of Argentina's president, whoever that may be this week.

Elias Benveniste forwarded these, taken on two main streets in Buenos Aires:

Elias also provided a poster image and the cover of Under Cover magazine. The poster suggests visiting for more information.

About Under Cover Magazine
My name is Rafael Daloi, I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I'm the author of the article about The Avengers in Under Cover magazine. It was a great pleasure and an honor, honestly my legs were shaking as I saw this page loading. Thank you very much! We make almost no money with the magazine, but it's pleasures like this that are worth our effort. The creator of Under Cover is Adrián Perucho. If anyone wants a copy of our magazine, please email

To dub or not to dub...
I want to tell you about the success that Los Vengadores had in all Spanish speaking countries. The series took a special flavor because of the Mexican voice acting used for the show. The voice acting is called, in Spanish, doblaje, and it means that specialized Mexican actors offer their expertise in voice acting, to meld with the personality of the real actor and the role he is playing. So the Mexican voice actors added a very nice taste to the show that was very well appreciated in all Spanish speaking countries. — José Luis

John Steed's Mexican voice was especially refined, matching with our concept of how a perfect English gentleman should sound—clear, British. Emma's voice also fit Emma Peel on her Mexican version. — Dr. Jorge Arciga

Personally, I am strongly against "dubbing" or "doblaje." Not only does it destroy the "glamour" of the original material, but also mutilates the entire soundtrack. Nevertheless, dubbing has its protectors as well as its detractors. In Argentina (where a local "dubbing law" does not exist, despite some efforts made by some legislators) we face a real problem: every movie, TV movie, TV series and cartoon arrives via Mexico or Venezuela dubbed in Spanish. This means they contain voices with accents completely different from the Argentine accent. What's more, very often they're full of words and/or expressions that don't match ours—an uncomfortable situation. Yet Mexicans frequently dub the soap operas we send them because they claim they don't like our Argentine accent. So, we're very pleased having The Avengers speaking in their original language! — Susana

Fan comments
gracias por hacer vivir cada dia a los vengadores, despues de tantos años esta maravillosa e inigualable serie sigue viviendo, y nos sigue emocionando, aca la volvieron a dar por t.v., casi 100 capitulos, y cada día esta mejor. cristina nigro. buenos aires. argentina

I like The Avengers. They entered my life when I was a young student and they stayed in my heart and my memories ever since. I celebrated their return to the Argentinean TV the same way I celebrate the return of an old and loved friend. But this is not just to tell you how much I like The Avengers, this is to tell you how very much I like your Web site. It is so full of love and respect for the show and its people!! Thank you very much for the effort you make to keep our memories alive! — Débora K.

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