Episode 78: Cathy Gale Era
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Steed goes fishing
Cathy hunts a knight

Production completed: 20 March 1964
UK Premiere (London, Season 3): 21 March 1964
US Premiere (A&E cable): ca. 6 April 1991

When an agent dies in a suspicious fire, Steed and Cathy discover connections between a lobster business, an importer of ornate chess sets, heroin smuggling, and a man who supposedly died in France.


Competently produced, if just a bit thin on plot. A mix of decent (Burt Kwouk) and so-so (Leslie Sands) guest actors. Interesting set for the restaurant, which features giant cut-out cartoon characters.


Notable as Cathy's farewell episode, with Honor leaving for Goldfinger. The last scene was kept secret until it aired, and there were a couple different possible endings, including one in which Cathy died in the burning houseboat. They chose to keep it upbeat, and Cathy bids Steed farewell as she leaves for holidays. Steed buys Cathy a bathing suit (!), and one of his last lines is a sly reference to her future role as Pussy Galore: "...pussyfooting along those sun-soaked shores..."

Mark H. Stevens notes some interesting plot and actor coincidences: In 1968 Burt Kwouk guest starred in an episode of The Saint called "The Master Plan." He played a rather kooky (what else) Chinese Agent who was masterminding a plan to take over Britain by slowly addicting the country to heroin. It was smuggled by way of Hong Kong in small statuettes which were sold in an antique store run by none other than Christopher Benjamin ("How To Succeed....At Murder," "Never, Never Say Die" and "Split!").

Brian Clemens wrote this teleplay under the pseudonym Richard Lucas.

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Written by
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Directed by

Richard Lucas
Patrick Downing
Kim Mills

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John Steed
Cathy Gale
Captain Slim
Dr. Stannage
Quentin Slim

Patrick Macnee 007
Honor Blackman 007
Leslie Sands
Burt Kwouk # 007
Gary Watson #
Jennie Linden
Norman Scace #
Corin Redgrave
Valentino Musetti #


Burt Kwouk

Kill the King
The Cybernauts

Valentino Musetti

Death la Carte
The Secrets Broker
The Outside-In Man
The Decapod

Norman Scace

What the Butler Saw

Gary Watson

Immortal Clay
Death on the Slipway
Wish You Were Here

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