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Steed has his eye on a shipbuilder
Cathy has her hands on him*

Production completed: 15 March 1963
UK Premiere (London, Season 2): 16 March 1963
US Premiere (A&E cable): ca. 1 March 1991

While paying a childhood friend a visit, Cathy becomes emotionally involved with the girl's father, unaware that the powerful shipbuilder has hatched a scheme to take over virtually all British shipbuilding production in order to prevent a bid for a nuclear-powered vessel to fall into foreign hands. Steed has the formidable task of convincing Cathy that her "Handsome Harry" has murdered the father of her girlfriend's fiancée to fulfill his plans.


Occasionally bogged down in ponderous vessels of dialog, this is a standout if only for Cathy's love interest—it's always effective to give the emotional pot a stir once in a while, particularly when it involves a lead character. Steed is especially crass and chauvinistic this time around, although we do see a glimmer of compassion for Cathy after having to arrest her lover at gunpoint. Technically the episode is quite solid, save for a very strange music cue as Steed enters via Cathy's bedroom window—but the subsequent dialog is the mother lode of best lines.


Some scenes were pre-recorded on 14 March 1963 in advance of the main recording.

*This unofficial subtitle is by Yours Truly.

 Best Line

Cathy to Steed as he enters her window: "Go out and come through the front door like a civilized human being."

Steed, looking through Cathy's snapshots: "Well, he's in every one. Hey, you could take some color ones of him—I'll get you some film, very fast, very special..." (At which point Honor Blackman works very hard to stifle a broad grin.)

Cathy, defending her Handsome Harry: "He was with me when it happened." Steed: "Well, he must have had his hands full."

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Designed by
Directed by

Reed R. de Rouen
Richard Bates
Paul Bernard
John Bryce
Richmond Harding

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John Steed
Cathy Gale
Oliver Waldner
George Stanley
Julian Seabrook
Brian Collier
Charles Reniston
Rosalind Waldner
Bert Barnes
Lady Reniston
Miss Francis

Patrick Macnee 007
Honor Blackman 007
Guy Doleman 007
Campbell Singer #
Philip Madoc #
Edward de Souza # 007
John Wentworth #
Sylvia Bidmead
Frank Siemen #
Stephen Hancock
Freda Bamford
Gillian Barclay
Ilona Rodgers #
Ian Cunningham


Philip Madoc

The Decapod
Death of a Batman
The Correct Way to Kill
My Wildest Dream

Ilona Rodgers

The Bird Who Knew Too Much

Frank Siemen


Campbell Singer

Who's Who???

Edward de Souza

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John Wentworth

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