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Steed studies Plato
Cathy plays poker*

Production completed: 13 December 1962
UK Premiere (London, Season 2): 15 December 1962
US Premiere (A&E cable): ca. 11 February 1991

A supercomputer project named Plato is being sabotaged. Posing as an anthropologist researching dead languages, Cathy is sent in to investigate. While Steed claims to be headed for the Middle East, he in fact remains behind to keep a fatherly eye, so to speak, on his amateur spy.


Would have scored much better were it not for too many loose ends in the script. For example, just what was Broster's role in the scheme? And Plato's plumbing is way too flimsy—be sure not to bump into the coolant line, because the eight-inch steel flange will snap every time!

Although frequently berated by Steed for being a rank amateur, Cathy is especially keen and cool in this episode, particularly when she offers a cup of tea to a woman she has just caught breaking into her (rather dreary little) flat. And the scene where she matches wits with cardsharp Broster is worth the price of admission.


The plot point of the "injured" super-computer identifying its saboteur is shared by the super-goofy Tara King episode, "Whoever Shot Poor George..."

Caroline wonders if the character Dr. Clemens was an in-joke...

Some scenes were pre-recorded on 12 December 1962 in advance of the main recording.

*This unofficial subtitle is by Yours Truly.

 Best Scene

Prepared to pay off her "boyfriend's" gambling debt (Steed's, as one might guess), Cathy plays cards with Broster for a double-or-nothing bet. Even though Cathy wins, Broster makes a grab for the cash, at which point Cathy whacks his hand with a Karate chop.

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Martin Woodhouse
John Bryce
James Goddard
Leonard White
Kim Mills

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John Steed
Cathy Gale
Dr. Kearns
Dr. Clemens
Dr. Farrow
Dr. Hurst

Patrick Macnee 007
Honor Blackman 007
Anthony Booth
Walter Hudd
David Garth #
Tenniel Evans #
Allan McClelland #
Penelope Lee
Marina Martin
Ray Browne #
Clive Baxter


Ray Browne

The Sell-Out
The Nutshell
Death of a Batman

Tenniel Evans

Please Don't Feed the Animals
The Golden Fleece
All Done with Mirrors

David Garth

How To Succeed....At Murder
Wish You Were Here

Allan McClelland

Build a Better Mousetrap

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