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Steed hunts a modern Robin Hood
Cathy joins the Army

Production completed: 24 May 1963
UK Premiere (London, Season 3): 7 December 1963
US Premiere (A&E cable): Not available for broadcast

A check for 5,000 drawn against a Hong Kong bank discovered in someone's coat at a Chinese restaurant draws Steed and Cathy into the realm of Mister Lo, a notorious, elusive gold smuggler. An opportunity of finally catching him opens when Lo makes a personal visit to London to question one of his clients about a missing 10,000 gold shipment. The trail leads to a small group of military misfits who are using the proceeds from the smuggling operation to support needy ex-servicemen, which poses an ethical dilemma for Steed and Cathy when they close in.


A winner in all respects: a sharp script with lots of fiery Steed/Cathy exchanges (including a pillow fight!), good sets, good guest stars, and outstanding direction by a man who is revered for his artistic flair in early television. Warren Mitchell in a straight role is curiously refreshing.


Exclusive: Writer Roger Marshall has penned an essay about his tenure on The Avengers.

Michael Hawkins appeared in two Police Surgeon episodes, "Wilful Neglect" and "The Bigger They Are."

 Best Line

Furious with Steed for wining and dining her but not filling her in on all the details, Cathy growls, "He who does not tell truth gets cushion in eye." Whereupon she duly fires a pillow across the room at Steed.

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Written by
Designed by
Directed by

Roger Marshall & Phyllis Norman
Anne Spavin
Peter Hammond

Full production credits


John Steed
Cathy Gale
Captain Jason
Major Ruse
Sgt. Major Wright
Mr. Lo
Mrs. Kwan
Private Holmes

Patrick Macnee 007
Honor Blackman 007
Warren Mitchell #
Tenniel Evans #
Barry Linehan #
Robert Lee
Yu Ling
Lisa Peake #
Ronald Wilson #
Michael Hawkins #


Tenniel Evans

The Big Thinker
Please Don't Feed the Animals
All Done with Mirrors

Michael Hawkins

The Deadly Air
Take Me To Your Leader

Barry Linehan


Warren Mitchell

The Charmers
Two's a Crowd
The See-Through Man

Lisa Peake

Kill the King

Ronald Wilson

One for the Mortuary

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