Episode 79: Emma Peel Era
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Steed and Emma depart in a hearse.

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Steed Seeks a Wife
Emma Gets Buried

Originally filmed 23 November to 4 December 1964
Re-filmed ca. 10 to ca. 14 December 1964
UK Premiere (London, Season 4): 12 November 1965
US Premiere (New York, Season 1): 30 May 1966

Curious and untimely deaths point to a quirky marriage bureau which offers the bonus of an assassination service for their more affluent clients. Steed and Emma infiltrate the organization by posing as eligible singles—which Steed certainly is!


This is the first Emma Peel episode produced with Diana Rigg in the role of Emma Peel (it was half-finished with her predecessor, Elizabeth Shepherd, directed by Wolf Rilla and abandoned 4 December 1964), and it shows, as Diana appears to be feeling her way along, and Emma is not quite "herself" yet. Instead of her usual bright, razor-sharp wit, she is low-key, almost sultry, which is most noticeable in the opening scenes: "Or is it," she very nearly whispers, "your popularity poll?" Other anomalies include her uncharacteristic, rather Cathy Gale-ish lashing-out at Steed and her awkward fight with the female baddie, which resembles more of a girlie catfight. Still, the murder that takes place in front of the giant fish tank is effective (how did they get it to leak on cue?), and don't miss Steed mugging it up as he observes the fish while waiting for his own deadly date.


This episode owes one of its best scenes to a brainstorm by Patrick Macnee. Originally he was supposed to play the tuba, but he suggested that Diana Rigg do it instead. The director balked, but Macnee insisted, and the result proved his instinct was right—thereby helping to shape Emma's character.

Where does Steed live? If one studies the bulletin board when Steed breaks into the Togetherness Bureau, his address is listed as "4 Queen Anne's Court, Tothill Street, Westminster." One must assume it is correct, and not just a "blind" by Steed, because Lovejoy & Co. show up there, unannounced, to escort Steed to Emma's "funeral".

Lyrics for the "Togetherness" song are by Herbert Kretzmer.

 Best Scene

Despite Steed's request (see the best line), Emma gets tipsy and dances 'round her coffin.

Next best: I chuckle every time Steed advises the "late" Emma that she has a spider on her nose...

 Best Line

After Steed gives Emma a bottle of champagne to enjoy while she remains in the coffin, he advises, "Don't get tipsy... We can't have you hiccoughin' in the coffin."

And... Emma is describing the perfect match for Steed: "A mixture of Lucretia Borgia and Joan of Arc." Steed: "Sounds like every girl I ever knew."

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Tony Williamson
Peter Graham Scott

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John Steed
Emma Peel
Mr. Lovejoy
Barbara Wakefield
Mrs. Stone
Robert Stone
Jonathan Stone

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Patrick Cargill #
Suzanne Lloyd
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A.J. Brown

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