Episode 10: Dr David Keel Era
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Production completed: 12 March 1961
UK Premiere: 18 March 1961

After a long prison sentence for robbery, Frank Preston is released from jail and heads straight for his loot, which is stashed in a sewer. Before he can reach it, thugs intervene and beat him to a pulp in an attempt to learn the location of the money. When Dr. Keel treats Preston for his wounds, the thugs assume Keel knows the whereabouts of the money and kidnap Carol, his assistant. Preston breaks out of the hospital and discovers his wife is involved with the thugs, so returns to the hospital and forces Keel to help him retrieve the loot. Preston and Keel arrive at the Sewer, followed by the thugs, followed by Steed and the police.


The identity of the actor who plays Frank Preston (striking a classic pose in the top image) still remains a mystery.

This episode has not been recovered; the images shown at left are production stills shot during the location filming. You can see some behind the scenes images from the location filming in Alan Hayes' Quiet On The Set.

Although this episode was videotaped, it never aired in London.

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Written by
Designed by
Directed by
Music by
Story Editors

Richard Harris
Robert Fuest
Peter Hammond
Leonard White
Johnny Dankworth
Patrick Brawn & John Bryce


Dr. David Keel
John Steed
Paul Stacey
Carol Wilson
Frank Preston
Stella Preston
Nurse Wyatt

Ian Hendry
Patrick Macnee 007
Maurice Good #
Ingrid Hafner
Melissa Stribling #
Susan Castle


Maurice Good

Forward Base
Don't Look Behind You

Melissa Stribling

School for Traitors
Angels of Death

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