Episode 12: Dr David Keel Era
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Production completed: 13 April 1961
UK Premiere (London, Season 1): 15 April 1961

Framed for the murder of one of his patients, Dr. Keel is vindicated by Steed, who suspects the woman's dancing school pianist, a man accused of several murders. When Steed closes in on the man, whose M.O. is to electrocute his victims by throwing a radio into a bathtub, he finds the man has eloped with a young woman in possession of a large cache of diamonds. Steed and Keel arrive just in time to prevent her murder, and the jewels are returned to the woman's mother.


Geoffrey Palmer appeared in the Police Surgeon episode, "Smash But No Grab."

This episode has not been recovered; the image shown at left is a production still (usually shot during a rehearsal). Note that it has not been verified as being from this episode.

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Written by
Designed by
Directed by
Music by
Story Editors

Peter Ling & Sheilah Ward
James Goddard
Don Leaver
Leonard White
Johnny Dankworth
Patrick Brawn & John Bryce


Dr. David Keel
John Steed
Carol Wilson
Elaine Bateman
Trevor Price
Beth Wilkinson
Major Caswell
Valerie Marne
Mrs. Marne
Philip Anthony

Ian Hendry
Patrick Macnee 007
Ingrid Hafner
Caroline Blakiston #
David Sutton
Angela Douglas
Ewan Roberts #
Pauline Shepherd
Diana King
Geoffrey Palmer # 007
Norman Chappell #


Caroline Blakiston

The Gravediggers
The Positive Negative Man

Norman Chappell

Dead of Winter
The Gilded Cage
Dial a Deadly Number

Angela Douglas


Geoffrey Palmer

Propellant 23
Man With Two Shadows
A Surfeit of H2O

Ewan Roberts

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