Episode 153: Tara King Era
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Although Tara is about to leave on holidays, she finds Steed's next mission—to Bermuda—irresistible.


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 Urlaub auf Raten


 Mantente en Sintonía

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Steed can't seem to get away
Tara wishes he'd stayed home*

Production completed: 13 December 1968
UK Premiere (London, Season 7): 26 February 1969
US Premiere (New York, Season 4): 24 February 1969

Steed is all set to leave on three weeks holiday. As he exits his flat, Tara arrives asking how his vacation was. Three weeks had vanished from Steed's mind! As Tara helps him pursue a few tenuous clues, she uncovers a plot to kill Mother.


On the strength of Patrick Macnee's memorable performance, as well as a number of uniquely moody, atmospheric sequences, this one emerges as one of the better Tara King episodes.


In Doctor Who circles Roger Delgado (Kreer) is known as the original "Master" and he plays a very similar character here (which may have gotten him the role as the Master in 1971). Anyway, there was a Doctor Who novel titled First Frontier by David McIntee which was set in the late 50's and dealt with an alien invasion of the U.S., and helping the aliens was the Master who was disguised as one Colonel Kreer! (contributed by Mark H. Stevens)

Kate O'Mara (Lisa) played the evil Madame Gerda in the short-lived stage play of The Avengers. Her costume was a black PVC catsuit—she complained that she could not sit down it it, and that it also creaked.

*This unofficial subtitle is by Yours Truly.

 Best Scene

Steed is followed down the street by an invisible whistling man—effectively eerie.

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Written by
Directed by

Tony Williamson
Don Chaffey

Full production credits


John Steed
Tara King
And: [Collins]
[Dr. Meitner]
[Taxi driver]

Patrick Macnee 007
Linda Thorson
Gary Bond
Kate O'Mara
Patrick Newell #
Iris Russell #
Duncan Lamont
Howard Marion-Crawford #
Denise Buckley
Roger Delgado #
Harold Kasket #
Ewan Roberts #
Patrick Westwood



Rhonda Parker



What the Butler Saw
The Living Dead

Roger Delgado

Crescent Moon

Harold Kasket

Crescent Moon

Patrick Newell

The Town of No Return
Something Nasty in the Nursery

Ewan Roberts

Dance with Death

Iris Russell

Mission to Montreal
November Five

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