Production Credits
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25 September 1968 to 21 May 1969

Produced by

Albert Fennell &
Brian Clemens

Some episodes partially produced by John Bryce

Executive in Charge
of Production

Gordon L.T. Scott

Production Controller

Jack Greenwood

Production Designer

Robert Jones

Consultant to the Series

Julian Wintle

Story Consultant

Philip Levene

Music by

Laurie Johnson

Additional Music by

Howard Blake

Script Editor

Terry Nation

Directors of Photography

Stephen Dade B.S.C.
Jimmy Harvey
Alan Hume B.S.C.
Peter Jessop
Gilbert Taylor B.S.C.
H.A.R. Thomson

Post Production Coordinators

Harry Booth
Ann Chegwidden


Manuel del Campo
Karen Heward
Tom Simpson

Production Manager

Ron Fry

Casting Director

G.B. Walker

Unit Manager

Laurie Greenwood

Assistant Directors

Ron Appleton
Richard Harrison
Ted Lewis
Colin Lord
John O'Connor
Ron Purdie

Camera Operators

Brian Elvin
Ernie Robinson
Geoff Seaholme

Associate Art Directors

Richard Harrison
Kenneth Tait
Len Townsend

Set Dressers

Simon Wakefield
Kenneth Tait


Kay Fenton
Kay Perkins
June Randall
Lorna Selwyn
Doreen Soan
Mary Spain


Jim Hydes


Gordon Bond
Pat McDermott
Janice Dorman
Betty Sheriff
Mary Sturgess
Janet Wadeson


Felix Evans
Ivy Baker


Lionel Selwyn

2nd Unit Director

John Hough

2nd Unit Photography

Wilkie Cooper B.S.C.
Desmond Dickenson
Gerald Gibbs
Jimmy Harvey B.S.C.
Bert Mason
Bob Thompson

Recording Director

A.W. Lumkin

Sound Recordists

Sash Fisher
Claude Hitchcock
Cecil Mason
Sid Rider
Bill Rowe
Dennis Whitlock

Dubbing Mixers

Len Abbot
Bill Rowe
Len Shilton

Sound Editors

Bob Dearberg
Russ Hill
Peter Lennard

Music Editors

Paul Clay
Vivienne Collins
Deveril Goodman
Karen Heward

Construction Managers

Len Dunstan
Herbert Worley

Supervisory Electricians

Steve Birtles
Roy Bond

Stunt Arranger

Joe Dunne

Principle Items of Mr. Macnee's
wardrobe designed by

Pierre Cardin

Patrick Macnee's suits designed by


Miss Thorson's costumes designed by

Harvey Gould
Alun Hughes


John Steed
Tara King

Patrick Macnee
Linda Thorson

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