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Philip Levene

Writer and Script Consultant, The Avengers, 1965-69
Guest actor, "Who's Who???"

Image from "Who's Who???"

by Pete Stampede and David K. Smith

"Who's Who???" was not clever scriptwriter Philip Levene's only acting appearance. In the third episode of Quatermass II, "The Food" (BBC, 1955), when Quatermass and aides break into the mysterious factory, he could be spotted as a hypnotized supervisor, under alien control like the rest of the workforce.

For the record, the prolific Levene penned 19 Avengers stories in all, second only to Brian Clemens. Film screenplay credits include Deadly Strangers and Diagnosis: Murder, both 1974 and both directed by Avengers veteran Sidney Hayers.

Levene was born 9 June 1926 in London, and died 25 March 1973.

 Avengers Scripts

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The Fear Merchants

Escape in Time

From Venus With Love

The See-Through Man

The Hidden Tiger

Never, Never Say Die

Something Nasty in the Nursery

Who's Who???

Death's Door

Return of the Cybernauts

You Have Just Been Murdered

Mission... Highly Improbable

The Curious Case of the Countless Clues


My Wildest Dream

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