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Episode 17: The New Avengers
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"I think you look really sweet in drag!"
"I'm practicing my 'crazed freak' look..."
"Isn't it great that Brian Clemens can always find me work!"

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Steed's old friend who dies of the week: Mason

All the rest



French: "Steed et la voyante"

German: "Die Wahrsagerin"

Italian: "Una medium preziosa"

Dutch: "Het Medium"



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Produced: April 1977
UK Premiere: 22 September 1977
US Premiere: 26 January 1979

Or perhaps a little over-done? Steed is being framed for murder in an attempt by a swindler to avert Steed's attention after the death of a colleague. But then a fake medium suddenly begins predicting the framers' every move! How does she do it?


Although it is a generally inoffensive installment, the faint glimmer of hope sparked in the first season is quickly fading owing to lackluster performances and a paper-thin plot.


Courtesy of Max Pemberton: The colleague killed is George Cowley. Wasn't that Bodie and Doyle's boss in The Professionals?

Director Ray Austin, by the way, was the stunt arranger for the Emma Peel era, and made a credited appearance in "The Gravediggers."



Written by
Directed by

Dennis Spooner
Ray Austin

Full production credits


John Steed
Mike Gambit
Elderly Man
Victoria Stanton
Dowager Lady
Model Girl
Young Man at Seance

Patrick Macnee The 007 Connection
Gareth Hunt
Joanna Lumley The 007 Connection
Jon Fitch ("Guest Star")
Mervyn Johns*
Jeremy Wilkin* The 007 Connection
Sue Holderness
Neil Hallett*
Maurice O'Connell
Diana Churchill
Celia Foxe
Steve Ubels
Allen Weston


George Cowley

Hugh Walters


Neil Hallett

The Winged Avenger
Dead of Winter

Mervyn Johns

Too Many Christmas Trees

Jeremy Wilkin

House of Cards

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