Episode 128: Emma Peel Era
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Steed is relegated to moving the furniture around in Emma's apartment. A storm is brewing, and as they leave, he offers her his miniaturized brolly.

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 The Disappearance of Admiral Nelson

 Mission très improbable

 Hätten Sie's nicht ein bißchen kleiner?

 Un esperimento stupefacente

 Una Misión... Altamente Improbable

 Een hoogstonwaarschijnlijke missie!

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Steed Falls Into Enemy Hands
Emma Is Cut Down To Size

Production completed: 22 September 1967
UK Premiere (London, Season 6): 17 November 1967
US Premiere (New York, Season 3): 10 January 1968

"It's a dream... a dream... a tiny dream." People and objects—like limousines and armored tanks—are disappearing into thin air at an army base, where an absent-minded professor has accidentally invented the next great weapon, which naturally falls into the hands of some dastardly types with visions of large-scale takeovers...


The title (which is obviously a variation on Mission: Impossible) says it all—check your brain at the door and just have fun! There are some neat Land of the Giants sets and props. Shaffer (Ronald Radd, who appeared twice in the Cathy Gale series) is a much more tolerable imbecile than Brodny. And is it me, or does Francis Matthews sound vaguely similar to Cary Grant? Any moment I expected him to burst out with, "Judy, Judy, Judy!"

The only negative thing to say, really, is that this marks the last bona fide Emma Peel episode.


Although "The Forget-Me-Knot" is often included in the Emma Peel era because it features Diana Rigg, "Knot" was actually the third episode completed in the Tara King era, and since these pages follow production order, FMK is not the next one. Sorry if this seems confusing. You can always click here and pretend...

Jane Merrow (Susan) was one of several actresses screen-tested to replace Diana Rigg.


 On Location

Rabley Park, Ridge, served as Shaffer's house.

 Best Scene

When Emma has been restored to normal size, she double-checks with Steed by doing a 180 and asking, "Everything?" After obliging her—and clearly enjoying it—Steed enthusiastically replies, "Everything!"

 Best Line

Emma is carrying Steed around in a little sack and comments, "I'm not sure I shouldn't keep you like this. After all, it's one way to bag a man."

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Teleplay by
Directed by

Philip Levene
Robert Day

Full production credits


John Steed
Emma Peel
Prof. Rushton
Col. Drew
Sir Gerald Bancroft
Corp. Johnson

Patrick Macnee 007
Diana Rigg 007
Ronald Radd #
Jane Merrow
Noel Howlett
Francis Matthews #
Richard Leech #
Stefan Gryff
Nicholas Courtney #
Kevin Stoney #
Peter Clay
Nigel Rideout
Cynthia Bizeray #
Nicole Shelby
Nosher Powell
Denny Powell


Cynthia Bizeray

Square Root of Evil

Nicholas Courtney

Propellant 23

Richard Leech

Traitor in Zebra
Dressed to Kill

Francis Matthews

The Thirteenth Hole

Ronald Radd

The Outside-In Man

Kevin Stoney

Cat Amongst the Pigeons

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