Who's Who: Rising Stars I
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Ronnie Barker provides an effective comic effect as Cheshire in "The Hidden Tiger."

Steven Berkoff, playwright and egotistical loon, makes a request for grapes in "The Gravediggers."

Brian Blessed is superlative in "The Superlative Seven" and then reappears "The Morning After."

Peter Bowles is popular on The Avengers, appearing in "Second Sight," "Dial a Deadly Number," "Escape in Time" and "Get-A-Way!"

The late Patrick Cargill adds his magic touch to "The Murder Market" and "The Fear Merchants."

John Cleese does some early silly walking in "Look - (stop me if you've heard this one) But There Were These Two Fellers..."

Carol Cleveland steams up the tube in "A Touch of Brimstone."

The late Peter Cushing is Paul Beresford, brother of the slain cybernaut inventor Dr. Armstrong, in "Return of the Cybernauts," as well as Von Claus in The New Avengers episode "The Eagle's Nest."

Julian Glover is a heavy-duty doppelganger, appearing in "Two's a Crowd," "The Living Dead," "Split!" and "Pandora."

Nigel Green, a very busy actor in the sixties—even playing Hercules—brings his strengths to "The Winged Avenger" and "Fog."

Colin Jeavons loses his temper in both "A Touch of Brimstone" and "The Winged Avenger."

Freddie Jones is great fun as Basil in "Who's Who???"


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