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Who Might Have Been Next After Emma?

Sure, we all know who did replace Emma. But as we watched the first color episodes flicker onto our screens, no one knew that Diana Rigg had already announced her imminent departure, and the producers had begun screen-testing a parade of actresses in the midst of their guest appearances on the series. The following are known to have been tested during the production of the color season.

Who would you have picked to partner with Steed? My pick isn't on the list—it would have been Charlotte Rampling, a.k.a. Hana Wilde in "The Superlative Seven." My second pick is also absent from this list: Jennifer Croxton, a.k.a. Forbes-Blakeney in "Killer." Of those on the list? I suppose Gabrielle Drake is the best of the lot.

Gabrielle Drake
"The Hidden Tiger"
"Dead Men Are Dangerous"

Patricia English
"Mission to Montreal"
"The Secrets Broker"
"Never, Never Say Die"

Jane Merrow
"Mission... Highly Improbable"

Valerie Van Ost
"The The Strange Case of the Missing Corpse"
"Dead Man's Treasure"

More also-rans:

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