Episode 16: The New Avengers
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Steed's old friend who dies of the week: Mark Crayford

Gambit's conquest of the week: Penny (Gabrielle Drake)

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 Méfiez-vous des morts!

 Tote Männer sind gefährlich

 I morti uccidono ancora

 Gevaarlijke Lijken

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Produced: March 1977
UK Premiere: 8 September 1977
US Premiere: 24 November 1978

Fast or slow, a bullet can still kill you. Ten years earlier Steed had put a bullet in the chest of a colleague who had crossed over to the dark side, and the bullet was inching its way toward the man's heart ever since. In bitter vengeance, the man sets about erasing Steed's very existence. Now, bit by excruciating bit, everything of value to Steed is being destroyed—until at last Purdey disappears...


Dark and depressing... not exactly the hallmark of traditional Avengers fare. But it is surprisingly effective, thanks to its authentic feel. While it features yet another close friend of Steed's who buys the farm, this one is the most effective because, unlike all the other friends who were mere plot details of no consequence, this whole episode is about the friend. Macnee's performance is moving, Purdey's is touching, and there are some memorable moments laden with sentimentality, such as a nice exchange between Purdey and Gambit as they share their admiration for one another. And four bowlers to Laurie Johnson for a great score—why couldn't he compose music like this for the rest of the series? Unfortunately Clive Revill, playing Steed's childhood chum, occasionally slows the already studied pace to a virtual standstill as he pauses to mumble vengeful remarks through gritted teeth, such as "the taste of warm, bitter beer."


Gabrielle Drake (Penny) was one of several actresses screen-tested to replace Diana Rigg.

 Best Line

Purdey is more upset by the vandalism to Steed's home than he is, and he consoles her with, "The only thing that can't be replaced is the love and life of an old friend. And if the Chinese didn't say that, they damn well ought to have done."

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Written by
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Brian Clemens
Sidney Hayers

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John Steed
Mike Gambit
Dr. Culver
Russian Doctor

Patrick Macnee 007
Gareth Hunt
Joanna Lumley 007
Clive Revill
Richard Murdoch
Gabrielle Drake #
Terry Taplin
Michael Turner #
Trevor Adams
Roger Avon
Gabor Vernon 007


Gabrielle Drake

The Hidden Tiger

Michael Turner

Have Guns - Will Haggle

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