Episode 18: Dr David Keel Era
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Production completed: 6 July 1961 UK Premiere (London, Season 1): 8 July 1961

While treating a man's wounds, Dr. Keel determines he was a part of a recent diamond heist, and he talks the man's partner into fetching a prescription from the hospital. Keel's assistant Carol notices a cryptic entry on the prescription: "Phonus Equus"—call Steed! The man's partner returns to find that the injured man has died. Convinced that Keel was told of the diamond's whereabouts (which he was), he kidnaps Carol and threatens to kill her if the location is not disclosed. Keel reveals the location, but they arrive to find Steed and the police waiting for them. Everyone enjoys dinner on the insurance company's reward.


This episode has not been recovered; the images shown at left are production stills (usually shot during a rehearsal).

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Written by
Designed by
Directed by
Music by
Story Editors

Gerald Verner
James Goddard
Roger Jenkins
Leonard White
Johnny Dankworth
Patrick Brawn & John Bryce


Dr. David Keel
John Steed
Mark Crawford
Harry Dew
Al Brady
Bert Mills
Carol Wilson
Lola Carrington

Ian Hendry
Patrick Macnee 007
Charles Hodgson #
Robert Mill #
Peter Reynolds #
Ronald Pember #
Ingrid Hafner
Vanda Hudson
Kevin Brennan #
Gordon Phillot


Kevin Brennan

How To Succeed....At Murder

Charles Hodgson

Quick-Quick Slow Death

Robert Mill

The Midas Touch
Killer Whale

Ronald Pember


Peter Reynolds

Who's Who???

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