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Welcome to my little "shrine" to The Avengers, a cult British television program from the 60s. If you came here by design, you're in for a treat. If you came here by accident, please poke around and see what all the hub-bub is about. The show's following rivals that of Star Trek. Well, it's not that strong, but it is surprising!

New visitors would do best to start with the Program Profile. The "uninitiated" might get some idea of the reason for the show's popularity, and die-hard fans will enjoy a reverie.

The Episode Guide provides a listing of every Avengers program ever produced. The most popular seasons (the "Rigg" years) are detailed with reviews, ratings, and many, many images. There's also a "Top Ten" favorites list on this page.

Over half of all visitors to this web site come here for The Avengers. The FAQs page was recently added not to discourage correspondence, but to avoid repetition and to encourage other questions and comments.

This tribute was born in September of 1996 as a modest three pages. At that time I had no idea of the following that already existed on the WWW, but I found out quickly—see the Links page for other great Avengers resources.

I am proud of the fact that everything at this site is original. I would like to thank the many fans who have contributed information and observations which have helped shape these pages. My efforts have been rewarded with very kind praise, some of which you'll find on the Feedback page. Yes, I appreciate having my ego fed, but it is by this means that I am inspired to create more materials for the enjoyment of Avengers fans everywhere.

Please enjoy your visit, and come back again soon. You will frequently find something new.

—David Smith


Wednesday, December 4, 1996: Added lots of new images from "What the Butler Saw," "Castle De'Ath," "The 50,000 Breakfast," "Dead Man's Treasure" and "Death's Door." Expanded on some of the synopses and reviews. And finally got around to reworking the Program Profile page so that it is stylistically in keeping with the rest of the site.

Tuesday, December 3, 1996: In response to a flood of new visitors, I've revised this page and added the FAQs page. (Actually, I just reinstated and revised a FAQs page that I inexplicably took down some time ago.)

Monday, December 2, 1996: Received this sad but interesting email from Andrew Wilkinson: "I used to live in Suffolk (U.K.) not far from where where the actor who played Mother (Patrick Newell) lived. I recall eating in a Sudbury restaurant at a table next to [him], in 1987 (I think). I remember thinking how much weight he had lost since his Avengers days, and how unwell he was. A day or two later he was admitted to the Hospital (and unit) on which my wife worked, where he died shortly afterwards. I believe that after making the Avengers he retired to Cyprus, but had to leave when Turkey invaded. Since he was living in the now Turkish occupied part of Cyprus, he effectively lost everything."

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