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What do you use to capture the images?

I use a Snappy, a small, inexpensive and easy-to-use frame grabber. All of the images are captured from videotape. My library consists of episodes taped from broadcast and cable sources at various times over the past ten or twelve years, plus a few commercial tapes. I have all but two Honor Blackman episodes and every Diana Rigg/Linda Thorson episode. Also, the graphics are all captured from videotape and reworked using Corel PhotoPaint and Microsoft Image Composer.

How do I download the images?

Depending on your browser and internet service provider, you may already have downloaded them all. Many browsers have a "cache" were everything you see is temporarily stored, so you might try poking around your hard drive. Some browsers let you store specific images by clicking on them and selecting a "save file as" command. But situations vary--most AOL customers cannot access the images. If you ask nicely, I will email some of your favorites to you. However, if you want to post them on a web page, I do ask that you give credit to their source.

Why don't any of the images link to larger ones?

Two reasons. One: Space. I'm already pushing limits now, and as I add new materials, I must find ways to pinch space from other places. Two: It would break the illusion of high quality. The full-sized originals look exactly like screen grabs, scan lines and all. Shrinking them down gives them the appearance of high-resolution still photographs. Now you know my secret!

What are your favorite episodes?

That's a tough one--nearly all of them are! (You die-hard fans know what I mean.) However, if you forced me at gunpoint to pick ten of them, you'll find my list on the Episode Guide page. Note that this list can change depending on my mood. Today I might favor one episode over another; tomorrow, they may be swapped.

Where can I purchase Avengers videos?

There are a few commercial sources that offer some videos. Because of an unfortunate licensing situation currently in effect, these commercial sources are probably unauthorized, and so I don't list any of them. Worse, one of the best of these has apparently gone off-line. As soon as a legitimate source becomes available, I will post this information. Also be sure to check the other web sites.

Have you heard about the new Avengers movie?


Why don't you have more stuff about Honor Blackman?

When I started this site, my primary interest was the Rigg episodes, as it is for most fans. However, I still intended to build on the Honor Blackman materials over time to provide historical background of the program. Please be patient--it takes time to create these pages.

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