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Dr. David Keel Series
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Cathy Gale Series 1
listing, some reviews and quite a few images

Cathy Gale Series 2
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Emma Peel Series 1
listing, complete reviews, and tons of images
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Emma Peel Series 2
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Tara King Series
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The New Avengers
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Scroll down for my "Top Ten" list.

Episode "Bowler" Ratings

Exceptional, stand-out, must-see personal favorite

Very good

Fair, but still better than most television programs today

Skip it unless you're a purist (there aren't many of these)


Some of the Episode Guide pages are very large files that will continue to grow, so please be patient. One way to work around this problem is to turn off the display images option of your browser, then click on an image placeholder you like (there are always curious captions) and tell the browser to display this image. You can then selectively see only the images you want, without missing out on any of the reviews.

About the Guides

Purists often build their episode lists in order of production or, sometimes, original air date. Since there is no continuity between episodes (with the exception of "The Forget-Me-Knot," wherein Emma passes the torch to Tara), the order in which they are viewed is of no consequence.

To help me with my record-keeping and page building, the lists for the Cathy Gale, Emma Peel and Tara King episodes appear in the order in which I videotaped them. The other lists are in production order according to information from books by Dave Rogers.

I provide brief synopses and reviews for the all of the Rigg episodes, and add to the Blackman series as time permits. Note that, for the most part, I have avoided blatant spoilers for the sake of those who haven't seen them all or who don't know the show and might become fans.

The reviews present a personal perspective of the show, and the bowler rating is entirely subjective, so feel free to disagree. Note that the reviews and ratings are also subject to my mood at the time they are composed. Occasionally I will revise and expand my reviews, so this may be good reason to make a return visit once in a while. Plus, I am forever adding images.

Just so you know, some reviews and images reflect my particular interest in "Emma watching," so female browsers may be somewhat irritated by my occasional sexist observations, tame as they are. Still, so far I've received no complaints, and some of this web site's biggest fans are female, so go figure.

My "Top Ten" List

So many visitors to this site ask what my favorite episodes are that I've finally created this list. The titles link to reviews and images found in the episode guides. Note that this was not an easy chore--nearly all of the Emma Peel black-and-white and most of the color epiosdes could be considered favorites!

Too Many Christmas Trees. I'm not quite sure why this one always comes out on top, but I believe it's the very special "warm and fuzzy" feeling the relationship between Steed and Emma creates.

The Gravediggers. The train theme and the nutty Sir Horace Winslip make this one a winner for me--especially the goofy sequence as Steed rescues Emma from the rails of doom.

A Touch of Brimstone. True, I'll admit that no better Emma-watching is to be found elsewhere, but it is a great episode nonetheless. Steed removing the pea before the fall of the axe is but one of many winning scenes.

Castle De'Ath. One of the most atmospheric settings of any episode. Wonderful imagery, moody scenes, and some of the best use of sound in the series.

The Hour that Never Was. A truly unsettling episode, one that appeals especially to dentist-haters. "Ten thousand bottles of milk..."

A Surfeit of H2O. Chock full of some of the most memorable oddball characters--and scenes--of the series.

Death at Bargain Prices. Horatio Kane is one of my favorite baddies, and the episode's stylish fight scene leads up to a spine-tingling conclusion.

Murdersville. Highlight of the color series, and filled to overflowing with priceless moments.

The Joker. A more disturbing baddie than Max Predergast there never was. Steed limping to the rescue tugs at the old heart-strings.

Death's Door. A nightmare quite effectively brought to life.

Ten--just ten? But what about The House That Jack Built... The Cybernauts... Dial a Deadly Number... What the Butler Saw... The Town of No Return... Honey for the Prince... Mission: Highly Improbable... The Hidden Tiger... Epic... and Who's Who??? I could easily make this list my "Top Twenty."

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