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"...I'm really impressed by the quality of the scans you have. And a tip of the bowler, too, to your episode guides!" -- Jackie Lane, who later wrote, "Your page is looking very spiffy these days, David, and your episode reviews are a heck of a lot better than [others]! ...I like your reviews because they're stamped with your personal opinion and there's some humor to them. And, you're audacious enough to put little bowler ratings on them, which makes people go "well why 2 bowlers for this, and 4 bowlers for that?" and probably generates some interesting comments from surfers."

"...Just spent an hour looking at your Avengers page... I must say, your page is outstanding. The pictures are great..." -- Ayn Rand Embar Seddon, who has also begun contributing some wonderful tidbits that are being added to the episode guides.

"Just checked out you Avenger site. Love it! It is bookmarked so I can peruse it at my leisure. Some of your favorite episodes are mine also." -- James Cockrell

"[Your site is] looking really good - you've obviously put in a lot of work... David, you should get out more! Love the frame grabs and, particularly, the opinions - even if you do give Escape in Time only 2-Stars!!! (And Death's Door 4-Stars! Nice visuals, shame about the pacing of the story and Luton Town Hall as a location. Ah well, it's all good stuff really)." -- Alistair McGown

"Your page is great, I really liked the bowler ratings :) and I shall most definitely add a link." -- Jennifer Cumming

"I had a look this morning at your web site and I was impressed!" -- Florent Toniello

"Hey, thanks for your Avengers (my all-time favorite TV show) Page. Am enjoying it... folks like you are NEEDED on the web." -- David Hutchinson, who sadly reports that the A&E broadcasts were CUT. No, say it isn't so!

"I am an Avengers enthusiast and have found your page to be very interesting. Keep it up." -- Edward Gatt, Malta

"GREAT PAGE!!! I simply LOVE the Avengers, and your tribute to the show is wonderful... keep up the superb work!!!" -- Melanie Demyon

"Very well done, enjoyed very much, keep up good work, hopefully see more. Will keep in touch, hopefully catch some pics never seen before... Long Live Avengers in 4th and 5th season best ever..." -- Susan C. Bradshaw

"Your page is getting better and better!" -- David Fakrikian

"A man after my own heart! I first watched the Avengers in the 60s, and as an adolescent teenager, I was smitten by Emma Peel, and I haven't recovered since! Your web page is excellent, especially the season 4 B/W guide - keep up the good work." -- Dave Jobling

"I want to congratulate on your Avengers' pages. The pictures you show are very high quality." -- Jan A. Witkowski, Ph.D.

If you'd like to massage my ego as well, or tell me that I'm full of it, or--even better--contribute information to appear on these pages, please feel free to email me. Also, if you'd like to "network" with other visitors, let me know and I'll add email links to your entries.

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