Avenging Vehicles
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MGA Twin Cam

Mr Teddy Bear


NOTES: Possibly a 1600 MK1

 987 CAA  1961 500cc Triumph Speed Twin

Build a Better Mousetrap

NOTES: Cathy also appears in a promo photo on a Royal Enfield, possibly a modified 500cc Meteor Minor model, reg. XH 054


 HNK 999C  1964 White Lotus Elan S2

The Cybernauts
Castle De'ath
Man-Eater of Surrey Green
Two's a Crowd
Small Game for Big Hunters
The Girl from Auntie
What the Butler Saw
The House That Jack Built
How To Succeed....At Murder

 SJH 499D  1966 Powder Blue Lotus Elan S3

From Venus With Love
The Fear Merchants
Escape in Time
The See-Through Man
The Bird Who Knew Too Much
The Winged Avenger
The Living Dead
The Hidden Tiger
Never, Never Say Die

The Superlative Seven
Something Nasty in the Nursery
The Joker
Return of the Cybernauts
Death's Door
You Have Just Been Murdered
The Positive Negative Man
Mission... Highly Improbable

 BOX 656C  Mini Moke

A Surfeit of H2O

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