Episode 100: Emma Peel Era
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Steed and Emma take off in a helicopter.

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 Les espians font le service

 Butler sind gefährlich

 Cercate il maggiordomo

 Lo Que Vio El Mayordomo or ¿Qué Vio El Mayordomo?

 Steed wordt butler

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Steed Becomes a Gentleman's Gentleman
Emma Faces a Fate Worse than Death

Produced: late December 1965-early January 1966
UK Premiere (London, Season 4): 25 February 1966
US Premiere (New York, Season 1): 28 July 1966

Secrets are leaking left, right and center, but which high-ranking official is the traitor? Only the butler knows. Appearing in a dazzling array of disguises, Steed enrolls at a butler training school, while Emma chases after a skirt-chaser!


This episode is played for laughs—and it sure gets them, end to end! Steed in his various guises—and arriving by various means of transportation—is unforgettable, as is Emma's "Operation Fascination." The higher-ups zipping themselves into a clear plastic baggie echoes the "Cone of Silence" from Get Smart. And remember our motto...


Does Willows' home look familiar? Gregory McVey-Russel notes it is also the Admiral's office in "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station."

Acronym Alert: This episode is probably a record-holder for acronyms by virtue of a single scene: posing as an RAF officer, Steed has an exchange with Squadron Leader Hogg that is comprised almost exclusively of acronyms, including PRO, GHQ, BHQ, TTR, JJV, RHV, GSM, MY, PPR, 007, BB5, GGQ, CO and OK (I could never hope to identify them all). Outside of this, there's CFEE or CF "double E" which is the Commission for Eastern Europe.

 Best Scene

Masquerading as a butler, Steed gets all worked up about the sounds coming from the room in which Emma and the notorious Group Captain Miles are having drinks, and he ends up crouched at the door, listening through the keyhole with a funnel.

 Best Line

Steed reminds Emma she has a date with Group Captain Miles, leaving her with the advice, "Don't do anything I would do."

Alanna has contributed her favorite: "When Steed is carrying on in Air Force jargon at Group Captain Miles' residence, one of them remarks, 'Downgraded to 007.' Cracks me up every time."

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Teleplay by
Directed by

Brian Clemens
Bill Bain

Full production credits


John Steed
Emma Peel
Group Capt. Miles
Major General Goddard
Brigadier Goddard
Vice Admiral Willows
Sergeant Moran
Squadron Leader Hogg

Patrick Macnee 007
Diana Rigg 007
Thorley Walters
John Le Mesurier# 007
Denis Quilly
Kynaston Reeves #
Howard Marion Crawford #
Humphrey Lestocq
Ewan Hooper
Leon Sinden
David Swift #
Norman Scace #
Peter Hughs #


Howard Marion Crawford

The Living Dead
Stay Tuned

Peter Hughs

The Medicine Men

John Le Mesurier


Kynaston Reeves

Legacy of Death

Norman Scace

Lobster Quadrille

David Swift

The Midas Touch

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