Episode 107: Emma Peel Era
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  We're Needed

An arrow streaks through Emma's window and strikes one of her sculptures. Drawing back the curtains, Emma finds Steed outside her window, as well as a note attached to the arrow: "Mrs. Peel—We're Needed!"


By way of notes attached to arrows, Steed invites Emma to enjoy a cooked bird, and they head off for their meal in an antique car that only runs in reverse.

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 L'oiseau qui en savait trop

 Ein Vogel, der zuviel wute

 Il capitano Crusoe!" ("Captain Crusoe!")

 El Pjaro Que Saba Demasiado

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Steed Fancies Pigeons
Emma Gets the Bird

Produced: October 1966
UK Premiere (London, Season 5): 10 February 1967
US Premiere (New York, Season 2: 10 March 1967

Sources indicate that an agent named Captain Crusoe is carrying military secrets to "the other side," except that no one knows what the Captain looks like. It's no wonder, as he belongs to another species!


More fun for those who have never seen it before, as it does not wear well with repeated viewings. The the discovery of the Captain's identity can be seen coming for half the show. The fight scene at the end looks more like a strange dance number at times, some of which takes place in a hansom cab sitting at the back of the bird exhibit (??). The photo shoot feels like a re-tread of the one in "The Murder Market." And riddle me this: Why does a straight man get an odd name (Twitter) and a nutcase get a plain name (Jordan)? High point is Emma taking on an assassin in a swimming pool.


Diana Rigg, champion high-diver? Not quite. That was an Olympic champion high-diver who dove into the pool—a man by the name of Peter J. Elliott, who saw very frequent use as a stunter/actor throughout the color Rigg era.

In other trivia news, one of the shots in the "We're Needed" teaser is inexplicably run in reverse.

Brian Clemens' screenplay is based on a story by Alan Pattillo.

 On Location

Jordan's house is actually Shenley Hall. On Location provides present-day view of this location.

 Best Scene

Mistaken by a photographer for a model, Steed hams it up during a photo shoot.

 Best Line

Steed is illuminating the art of miniaturization. "Do you know they brought over the whole Eastern rocket program in the eye of a needle?" Emma: "Ingenious!" Steed: "Except for the fact that the courier laid down and rested in a haystack." Emma: "You mean they..." Steed: "They're still looking for it."

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Teleplay by
Directed by

Brian Clemens
Roy Rossotti

Full production credits


John Steed
Emma Peel
Samantha Slade
Tom Savage
Mark Pearson

Patrick Macnee 007
Diana Rigg 007
Ron Moody #
Ilona Rogers #
Kenneth Cope #
Michael Coles
John Wood
Anthony Valentine #
Clive Colin-Bowler
John Lee #


Percy Danvers
Emma (high dive)

Peter Brace
Alan Chuntz
Peter J. Elliot


Kenneth Cope

The Curious Case...

John Lee

The Forget-Me-Knot

Ron Moody

Honey for the Prince

Ilona Rogers

Six Hands Across A Table

Anthony Valentine


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