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Back in the 60s the credits at the end of TV shows were studies in minimalism. Many parts, even speaking ones, went unbilled. Here is a partial listing of nameless faces from The Avengers. Also check the Stuntmen and Doubles page for nameless faces of another sort.

Kenneth Benda was James Broom in "A Sense of History." He made a credited appearance in "From Venus With Love." Fans of Doctor Who would find him in "The Claws of Axos."

Anthony Chinn, who later had a semi-regular role in The Protectors (ITC, 1972), was the Oriental Interrogator in "Room Without a View." He was also a green, non-speaking alien in UFO, "The Square Triangle." Later he showed up as a SPECTRE guard in You Only Live Twice and a Taiwanese tycoon in A View to a Kill.

Hilary Dwyer (a.k.a. Hilary Heath), unbilled as Hilary the "real" telephone operator in "Murdersville," guested in several TV series including The Prisoner, Callan and Space: 1999, as well as a few feature films. Born 6 May 1945 in Liverpool, she is now a TV film and series producer, and was executive producer for, amongst others, The Worst Witch with Diana Rigg.

Edwin Finn was Professor Taylor in "Man-Eater of Surrey Green." Of extreme bizarreness: he was the face of the Supreme Being in Time Bandits.

John Franklyn-Robbins was Gilbert in "The Cybernauts" as well as the Time Lord in the Doctor Who episode, "Genesis of the Daleks." He was more recently spotted in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, "Preemptive Strike."

Harvey Hall (born Harvey Hallsmith) was a pallbearer in "The Gravediggers" and the heavy in the teaser of "The Master Minds" (the latter a speaking part). He made a credited appearance in "The See-Through Man." Aside from several vampire-oriented films, he appeared in The Persuaders, "Read and Destroy."

John G. Heller was Lennon in "Man-Eater of Surrey Green." He made credited appearances in "The Correct Way to Kill" and "Split!" Elsewhere, he appeared twice in Dick Barton: Special Agent as Melganik and made several turns on the silver screen, including the role of John Heller in Where Eagles Dare.

Harry Hutchinson was Sir Clive's Butler in "The Master Minds." He had a credited appearance in "The Rotters." Films include his first noted role as Limpy in The Limping Man and the shopkeeper in Blowup.

Ross Hutchinson was Dr. Connelly in "Man-Eater of Surrey Green." He made a credited appearance in "They Keep Killing Steed."

Ironically Penelope Keith made an unbilled appearance as the Bride in "The Murder Market," then received credit for "Something Nasty in the Nursery" but did not appear on screen. At least she received credit and appeared in "Take Me To Your Leader," although sans character name.

Tina Packer was Suzanne in "Dial a Deadly Number." Doctor Who fans might spot her playing Anne Travers in "The Web of Fear."

Elizabeth Reber, the "cute egghead" in "The Master Minds," was an Australian model and bit-part actress. After moving to Europe in the 60s, she retired from stage and screen and became a noted painter, exhibiting in Paris and London, and also designed some Paris hotel interiors. Presently she lives and works near the Place Pigalle in Paris. (With thanks to Piers Johnson and Yves Lambert)

Jeanne Roland was Anna Wadkin in "Room Without a View." She also appeared in Man in a Suitcase playing Francesca in "Find the Lady" (1967). She had several screen appearances including Casino Royale and You Only Live Twice (in the latter she was Bond's masseuse).

Katherine Schofield was Oyuka in "The Cybernauts." Notable TV appearances inlcude Doctor Who, The Saint and Department S, while films include The Greek Tycoon (with Linda Thorson) and Lifeforce.

Harry Shacklock was Professor Knight in "Man-Eater of Surrey Green." He made credited appearances in "A Change of Bait," "The Mauritius Penny" and "Thingumajig." One of his three credited film appearances is as the Lavatory Attendant in Carry On Loving.


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