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Steed and Emma make their getaway on go-carts.

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 Der Club der Schwarzen Rose

 La fabbrica del brivido (The shiver factory)

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Steed Joins a Secret Society
Emma Walks the Plank

Produced: ca. 15 November to ca. 13 December 1965
UK Premiere (London, Season 4): 11 February 1966
US Premiere (New York, Season 1): 4 July 1966

"Nothing like a live grenade at close range." Something quite the opposite from battle fatigue is turning certain high-ranking army types into teenage daredevils, and this leads Steed to a secret (aren't they all?) organization of kamikaze renegade army types who plan to steal the crown jewels—or die in the attempt.


Although somewhat uneven at times, it has plenty of gems. Steed (code name: Bacchus—naturally!) faces his execution in a very finely-crafted scene, and Emma's nerves of steel are put to the ultimate test in a bizarre life-or-death initiation ritual. Once again Charles Crichton delivers some remarkable material.


Exclusive: Writer Roger Marshall has penned an essay about his tenure on The Avengers.

Look for a connection to "The Hour That Never Was" in the fourth image at left (spotted by Rachel Itskowitz).

Susan Minobe notes that there's a framed picture at Manton that looks like the same one in Steed's flat above the fireplace in the color series.

 On Location

Manton House is actually the BR Centre, the Grove, Watford. And when Emma and Major Robertson race to Manton, they cross a bridge at Grove Park, Watford. (This is the same bridge Tara jumps off in "They Keep Killing Steed.")

 Best Scene

Emma, rather provocatively dressed, quizzes Steed on how to deal with Robertson. Glancing at her chest, he advises, "Show him your bumps." After she turns and walks away, Steed takes a moment to recover.

And another: Steed carefully opens Emma's gift-wrapped box of chocolates as if it was a bomb. "Whatever you do," he warns her in a whisper, "don't touch the wrapped ones." Emma: "Why not?" Steed: "Because I like them."

 Best Line

Catching himself feeling the temples of a bust of Napoleon, Robertson mentions to Steed that he's a part-time phrenologist: "Can always tell a military head." Steed: "Bullet-shaped."

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Roger Marshall
Charles Crichton

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John Steed
Emma Peel
Dr. Long
Colonel Adams
R.A.F. Officer

Patrick Macnee 007
Diana Rigg 007
Nigel Davenport #
Douglas Wilmer 007
Fabia Drake
Moray Watson
Adrian Ropes #
Richard Coleman
John Gatrell


Army Danger Maker
Navy Danger Maker

Romo Gorrara 007
Terry Plummer #


Nigel Davenport


Terry Plummer

The Superlative Seven

Adrian Ropes

From Venus With Love
Whoever Shot Poor George...

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