Who's Who: Emma Peel Doppelganger Gallery I
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Terence Alexander plays dead man Piggy Warren in "The Town of No Return" and then gentlemanly killer Ponsonby in "The Correct Way to Kill."

Graham Armitage is killed correctly as Huggins in "Quick-Quick Slow Death" and kills correctly as Algy in "The Correct Way to Kill."

Kenneth Benda was unbilled as James Broom in "A Sense of History" but made a credited appearance as Mansford in "From Venus With Love."

Christopher Benjamin appears as perfume tycoon J.J. Hooter in "How To Succeed....At Murder" and returns as the accident-prone Whittle in "Never, Never Say Die."

Caroline Blakiston plays evil ministering angel Miss Thirlwell in "The Gravediggers" and button-lipped key-keeper Cynthia Wentworth-Howe in "The Positive Negative Man."

Peter Blythe is Millerson, student of history, in "A Sense of History" and Mankin, student of science, in "The Positive Negative Man."

Roger Booth is RAF member Porky Purser in "The Hour That Never Was" and Ministry member Tubby Vincent in "Escape in Time."

Peter Bowles, who plays banker John Harvey in "Dial a Deadly Number," returns as the stuttering time-shifter Thyssen in "Escape in Time."

A.J. Brown has a very short life as Dr. Gibson in "Small Game for Big Hunters" and makes an even briefer comeback as Dawson in "The Winged Avenger."

Jeremy Burnham is the wicked vicar in "The Town of No Return" and pottery expert Gordon White in "The Fear Merchants."

Patrick Cargill is evil matchmaker Lovejoy in "The Murder Market" and fear-master Pemberton in "The Fear Merchants."

John Cater plays "house-dick" Jarvis in "Death at Bargain Prices" and firing-squad leader Olliphant in "The Living Dead."


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