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Episode 102: Emma Peel Era
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Duboys: "Aren't you a bit young to be a prof?"
Grindley: "I'm old. I fart. Deal with it."
Steed: "I wouldn't exactly call that a proper party costume."
"Stop staring at my thesis."

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James BroomJohn PettitDuboysStudent



French: "L'econome et le sens de l'histoire"

German: "Robin Hood spielt mit"

Spanish: "Con Sentido Historicó"

Dutch: "Het Europa-plan"



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Steed Dons a Gown
Emma Becomes a Don

Produced: late January 1966
UK Premiere (London, Season 4): 11 March 1966
US Premiere (New York, Season 1): 20 June 1966

Political Intrigue (click to see category list)An obscure university archivist exposed to one too many theses decides to tinker with future history by murdering a key politician involved in uniting Europe. Our heroes catch up with him at Saint Bodes, and when the mastermind himself suddenly winds up dead, it becomes apparent that some of the students are in on the plot.


While the premise is promising, the results proved to be somewhat less than memorable, save for the fancy dress party wherein Emma makes a smashing Robin Hood. The dialog fails to keep the plot moving, Richard Carlyon camping out in the woods makes little sense, and the scenes with the university students just scream "sixties!"


Stephen Brooke of Canberra, Australia, reports that "I kept noticing that when any of the characters said St Bodes, their mouths seemed to say St Bedes. Closer inspection during one of the scenes in the college archive showed that the name of the college on one of the theses was indeed St Bedes. After a quick bit of surfing I found out that St Bedes is in fact a real school in Britain that has been around for a wee while—since before The Avengers, anyway. I suppose that is why they overdubbed St Bedes with St Bodes. Any resemblance to characters, living or... you know the score."

Car Talk: A delightful very early Hooper-bodied Silver Wraith touring saloon makes an appearance in this episode, according to resident auto expert John Shostrom.

Nigel Stock appeared in the Police Surgeon episode, "Wilful Neglect."

Steed's Aunties: Steed describes his cover as "Advanced research into the co-relationship of the lesser-crested newt and Mrs. Sybil Peabody." Emma asks who that is. Steed says, "An aunt of mine. Drinks like a fish." (Might be the same aunt mentioned in "Silent Dust" and "The £50,000 Breakfast.")

 On Location

The Royal Masonic Senior School (which later became Bushey International University) served as Saint Bode's, and also appeared as the conference center in "Death's Door." On Location features a recent view.

 Best Scene

Strictly for the gents: Emma Peel as Robin Hood.

And for the ladies: When confronted by Duboys and his boys, there is no question Steed is a man of nerve, skill, strength, and supreme self-confidence.

 Best Line

Discussing Steed's sword at the costume party, Emma observes: "That looks a bit droopy." To which Steed responds: "Wait until it's challenged." No sexual overtones here, boys and girls.

Dr. Henge is extolling the extensive university archives and is about to enumerate its contents when Steed finishes for him with "—an awful lot of theses."


Steed and Emma zoom off on a motorcycle, with Steed tucked safely inside a sidecar.



Teleplay by
Directed by

Martin Woodhouse
Peter Graham Scott

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John Steed
Emma Peel
Richard Carlyon
Professor Acheson
John Pettit

Patrick Macnee The 007 Connection
Diana Rigg The 007 Connection
Nigel Stock*
John Barron
John Glys-Jones*
John Ringham*
Patrick Mower
Robin Phillips
Peter Blythe*
Peter Bourne*
Jacqueline Pearce


James Broom

Kenneth Benda*


Kenneth Benda

From Venus With Love

Peter Blythe

The Positive Negative Man

Peter Bourne

You'll Catch Your Death

John Glys-Jones

Noon Doomsday

John Ringham

The Secrets Broker

Nigel Stock


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