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Steed's Aunties

The Gravediggers: Emma arrives at Steed's flat to find him playing with a toy gun. Emma: "Second childhood?" Steed: "Nephew's birthday."

A Surfeit of H2O: Whilst Steed is poking the impression of Sir Arnold Kelly left in the field, he remarks to Jonah, "I had an auntie who used to make biscuits like this." (Could this be Auntie Penelope, who sends Steed "rock cakes"?)

Dial a Deadly Number: Steed remarks of his watch, which was a bequest from an uncle, that the case was dented during the battle of the Somme in W.W.I. Emma: "German bullet?" Steed: "Canadian mule." (Wonder if this was Uncle Joe, who left him a solid gold toothpick...)

Two's a Crowd: Emma insists she saw a double of Steed. "If I had a twin," Steed remarks, "I'm sure Mother would have mentioned it."

Silent Dust: Miss Snow says she can't keep her horse away from the trough. "Just seems to want to keep on drinking all the time." Steed: "Oh, dear! I once had an auntie like that." (Could be Sybil Peabody from "A Sense of History." Also may have a mention in "The 50,000 Breakfast.")

The Girl from Auntie: After clobbering Steed with a vase, Georgie says, "I thought you were an old lady with a bale of knitting needles." Steed replies, "They do say I take after Granny."

A Sense of History: Steed describes his cover: "Advanced research into the co-relationship of the lesser-crested newt and Mrs. Sybil Peabody." Emma asks who that is. Steed says, "An aunt of mine. Drinks like a fish." (Might be the same aunt mentioned in "Silent Dust" and "The 50,000 Breakfast.")

From Venus With Love: An unofficial entry. When Venus asks about Steed's occupation, he remarks, "Following (in) father's footsteps. He spent his life depositing money. I spend mine withdrawing it."

Escape in Time: Emma is going through some photographs at Steed's flat. He spots one photo and says, "Now, there's a face full of avarice. Reminds me of an auntie of mine."

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station: An unofficial entry. Lucas left behind a photo of his "Aunt Maude" and Steed indicates that this is standard operating procedure. Made it sound as if every agent had an "Aunt Maude."

The 50,000 Breakfast: Mrs. Rhodes comments about a vaudeville act, saying the performer "couldn't keep off the bottle." Steed says, "I had an auntie like that." Mrs. Rhodes: "On the halls?" Steed: "Yes! Skating act. Bit between the teeth. Dancing on the marble top table." (Sounds like Mrs. Sybil Peabody again, from "A Sense of History" and "Silent Dust.") Also: When Steed and Emma are handcuffed to the bedpost, Steed fishes out a small object from his coat. Emma asks, "What is it?" Steed replies, "Solid gold toothpick. Bequest from my Uncle Joe."

Dead Man's Treasure: A heavy parcel arrives for Steed at his flat. Emma: "Lead weights for your diving boots?" Steed: " Rock cakes from my Auntie Penelope."

Murdersville: An unofficial entry. If we are to believe Emma, she and Steed have four children: Julian, Albert, Gordon and Brian.

Game: Aunt Emily bequeathed a battered, brassy alarm clock used to indicate that "dawn approacheth."

Requiem: Steed has an uncle who is a chess grandmaster and a cousin named "Demon Desmond" who is the world Ludo champion.

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