Episode 141: Tara King Era
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Steed and Tara play "Steed-opoly," wherein she makes all the wrong moves.





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Steed plays 'super sleuth'
Tara is the prize*

Production completed: 25 June 1968
UK Premiere (London, Season 7): 2 October 1968
US Premiere (New York, Season 4): 23 September 1968

A series of unrelated deaths appear coincidental, until Steed notices that they were all members of the military who trained together—and court-martialed a man presumed to be dead. Each of the men dies playing a game suited to his vocation. And next on the list—Steed!


Overall quite enjoyable, although once the device is established, it becomes somewhat predictable. Greatly benefits from Peter Jeffrey's diabolical qualities.

 On Location

Bristow's house is actually Grim's Dyke Hotel, Harrow Weald. The hotel was built by W.S. Gilbert of Gilbert and Sullivan. He drowned in the pond. A fitting Avengers location! (Thanks to Caroline, who lives about half a mile from this site.)


Steed's Aunties: Aunt Emily bequeathed a battered, brassy alarm clock used to indicate that "dawn approacheth."

*This unofficial subtitle is by Yours Truly.

 Best Line

Tara: "They're all dead." Wishforth-Browne: "Oh, dear. One lump or two?"

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Directed by

Richard Harris
Howard Blake
Robert Fuest

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John Steed
Tara King
Professor Witney
Cooty Gibson

Patrick Macnee 007
Linda Thorson
Peter Jeffrey #
Garfield Morgan #
Anthony Newlands #
Alex Scott #
Aubrey Richards #
Desmond Walter-Ellis
Geofrey Russell
Achillies Georgiou
Brian Badcoe


Peter Jeffrey

House of Cards
Room Without a View
The Joker

Garfield Morgan

The Fear Merchants

Anthony Newlands

Dial a Deadly Number

Aubrey Richards

The Gravediggers

Alex Scott

Too Many Christmas Trees
Square Root of Evil

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