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SODA: Semi-Official Directory of Acronyms

ABORCASHAATA: Advisory Bureau On Refurbishing Castles And Stately Homes As A Tourist Attraction — "Castle De'ath"

AKC: Arkwright Knitting Circle — "The Girl from Auntie"

BBC: British Burial Caskets, a division of WTI — "The Rotters"

BEB: Business Efficiency Bureau — "The Fear Merchants"

BIG BEN: Bilateral Infiltration of Great Britain, Europe and North America — "The Nutshell"

BVS: British Venusian Society — "From Venus With Love"

CFEE or CF "double E": Commission For Eastern Europe — "What the Butler Saw"

CGC (i): Craigleigh Golf Club — "The Thirteenth Hole"

CGC (ii): Classy Glass Cleaning Co. Ltd. — "Super Secret Cypher Snatch"

CPC: Central Productivity Council — "The Fear Merchants"

Project CUPID: Cabinet Underground Premises In Depth — "Look - (stop me if you've heard this one) But There Were These Two Fellers..."

DISCO: Director of Intelligence, Security and Combined Operations — "The Nutshell"

FOG: Friends Of Ghosts — "The Living Dead"

GONN: Guild Of Noble Nannies — "Something Nasty in the Nursery"

IBPC: The International Bridge Players Convention — "The Joker"

MAUD: Microfilm And Unencyphered Document — "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station"

MOD: Ministry Of Defence — "The See-Through Man"

MOTC: Ministry Of Top-Secret Codes (extrapolated from dialogue) — "Super Secret Cypher Snatch"

MOT-NRU: Ministry Of Technology - Neoteric Research Unit — "Never, Never Say Die"

NUTSHELL: Thermonuclear Underground Target Zone Shelter — "The Nutshell"

PANSAC: Permanent Agency for National Security And Counterintelligence — "The Outside-In Man"

PSEV: Pudeshkin, Shvedloff, Elena, Vogel — "Two's a Crowd"

PURRR: Philanthropic Union for the Rescue, Relief and Recuperation of Cats — "The Hidden Tiger"

QQF: Quite Quite Fantastic — "Honey for the Prince"

RANSACK: (unknown) — "The Master Minds"

REMAK: Remote Electri-Matic Agent Killer — "Killer"

SCAPINA: Special Computerised Automatic Project In North America — "Complex"

SMOG: Scientific Measurement Of Ghosts — "The Living Dead"

SNOB: Sociability, Nobility, Omnipotence, Breeding, Inc. — "The Correct Way to Kill"

TAF: The Avengers Forever — this website, silly!

TOHE: Test of Human Endurance — "The Interrogators"

TSI: (Ministry of...) Top Secret Information — "Split!"

WTI: Wainwright Timber Industries — "The Rotters"

Kindly compiled by Susan Minobe with help from Alan Hayes, Mike Kunkel, Eli Mansour, Sam McCallie, Anthony Ragan, Jon Webb, and Yours Truly.

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