Episode 26: The New Avengers
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Produced in Canada: August 1977
UK Premiere: 1 December 1977
US Premiere: 9 February 1979

Road trip! A very slippery mastermind slips past Steed and crew, but not without leaving behind a vital clue to his identity: a palm print. But the print is left on the roof of an antique automobile belonging to a little old lady, and a cross-country chase ensues as the Avengers attempt to retrieve the car—or, at the very least, the palm print—at all cost.


Come on—lighten up! Though maligned by most fans, I happen to enjoy this one: it is one of the few New Avengers episodes played for laughs. I was surprised as I watched it again for the first time in nearly twenty years—I thought I'd feel embarrassed. Instead, I found that it poked fun at itself and at the seriousness of the balance of the series. It's also one of the few New Avengers that spares us from excesses of the "porno funk" music. (Just to get even with those who hate this episode, I do not understand the appeal of "Look - (stop me if you've heard this one)..." which some folks adore. You're all nuts.)


According to Television's Greatest Hits, this was the top-rated New Avengers episode for 1977. Amazingly, at 14.1 million viewers, it actually ranked as the all-time highest Avengers episode, original or new. READ MORE

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Steed leaves money behind for the eggs he steals.

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Written by
Directed by

Dennis Spooner
Don Thompson

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John Steed
Mike Gambit
Miss Daly
1st Policeman
2nd Policeman
3rd Policeman
4th Policeman

Patrick Macnee 007
Gareth Hunt
Joanna Lumley 007
Les Carison
Richard Davidson
Lane Mallet
Peter Torokvei
Peter Arkroyd
Brian Petchy
Don Corbett
Don Legros
Sandy Crawley
John Kerr
Pat Patterson
Bill Ballentine

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