Who's Who: Emma Peel Doppelganger Gallery IV
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Ron Moody is quite quite fantastic as Ponsonby-Hopkirk in "Honey for the Prince" but is feather-brained as Jordan in "The Bird Who Knew Too Much."

Patrick Newell starts out as brother Smallwood in "The Town of No Return," then returns as Sir George Collins in "Something Nasty in the Nursery" before becoming Mother.

Reg Pritchard makes a brief delivery as the postman in "Honey for the Prince" and then gets shredded as Bellamy in "The Hidden Tiger."

Edwin Richfield is psycho-doc Teasel, a good guy, in "Too Many Christmas Trees" and lead-foot Alex, a bad guy, in "Dead Man's Treasure."

Adrian Ropes minds the trench as Lieutenant Stanhope in "The Danger Makers" and then minds the vault as Jennings in "From Venus With Love."

Peter Thomas is farmer-come-voodoo victim Kendrick in "Small Game for Big Hunters" and then chauffer-come-assailant Saunders in "Death's Door."

Yolande Turner is the gun-toting receptionist in "The Girl form Auntie" and the high-finance crook Miss Pegram in "The 50,000 Breakfast."

Edward Underdown, as Jonathan Stone, dies at the beginning of "The Murder Market," then returns as Rupert in "The Living Dead."

Bill Wallis is lively as the short Hellfire member Tubby Bunn in "A Touch of Brimstone" but dead, rather shortly, as electrical engineer Charles Grey in "The Positive Negative Man."

Jack Watson plays Juggins the bloodthirsty pig-killer in "Silent Dust" and Hopper the ex-coalminer barkeep in "The Living Dead."

Hilary Wontner is a snuffly minister in "Silent Dust" and a stuffy businessman in "The Winged Avenger."

Peter Wyngarde appears as larger-than-life secret society emcee John Cartney in "A Touch of Brimstone" and then multifaceted has-been actor Stewart Kirby in "Epic."

Jeremy Young plays swashbuckling, digitally-challenged Willy Frant in "A Touch of Brimstone" and does double duty as real and duplicate Dr. Penrose in "Never, Never Say Die."


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