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Episode 19: The New Avengers
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I say, what year is it?
The REAL title of this episode...
Another victim of illiteracy...

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Purdey's date who was her fiancée that turns bad and dies of the week: Larry Doomer

All the rest



English: "Missile"

French: "Obsession"

German: "Der Rachefeldzug"

Italian: "Sabotaggio"

Dutch: "Obesssie"



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Produced: May 1977
UK Premiere: 6 October 1977
US Premiere: 10 November 1978

Love may be blind, but politics isn't. Seven years ago, Purdey was on the verge of settling down with Larry Doomer, a man she thought was "Mr. Right." But when Larry's father was killed by Arab soldiers, Purdey was forced to prevent Larry from taking revenge, and they parted ways. Back in the future, Larry is in charge of a fighter squadron putting on an aerial demonstration. The show goes as planned, except that it appears the missile fired from Larry's plane detonated in mid-air. When a General goes missing, the Avengers track him down, and the trail leads to Larry, who is planning to exact his revenge at long last when the Arab he holds responsible is visiting London. The missile that "mis-fired" is to be launched on the Houses of Parliament!


I've always been a sucker for sentimentality, which is why this one is a personal favorite. Packed with seriously mushy music and soft-focus images of a heartbroken Purdey... No use in calling me hopeless—I know it! Oh, about the rest of the episode? It's OK. Neat sequence at the end when Steed's Rover gets blasted to bits...


From the OOPS department: Seems the editors were rather sloppy with the stock footage they obtained from the RAF, as a caption for one sequence was left intact! The middle screen grab demonstrates just how clear and blatant it really is. With thanks to Steve Roberts.

Alan Hayes notes that Lewis Collins and Martin Shaw went on to star together in the long-running Avengers/Mark One thriller series, The Professionals. It almost looks pre-ordained in "Obsession" where their characters suggest that "maybe (they) should work together again sometime" and that they are "a good team," but apparently the casting of The Professionals was not at this point confirmed.

And this episode must have been déjà vu for Joanna Lumley, who is actually a trained dancer.



Written by
Directed by

Brian Clemens
Ernest Day

Full production credits


John Steed
Mike Gambit
General Canvey
Commander East

Patrick Macnee The 007 Connection
Gareth Hunt
Joanna Lumley The 007 Connection
Martin Shaw
Mark Kingston
Terence Longdon*
Lewis Collins
Anthony Heaton
Tommy Boyle
Roy Purcell*


Terence Longdon


Roy Purcell

Conspiracy of Silence

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