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Episode 4: The New Avengers
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Kane, BEFORE the Avengers.
Kane, AFTER the Avengers. Well, at least he has more hair...
"Steed, I do believe that you are a dirty old man! Lucky for me..."

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Steed's old friend who dies of the week: Terry

Steed's filly of the week: Tricia

All the rest



French: "Le dernier des Cybernautes ?"

German: "Das stählerne Monster"

Italian: "L'ultimo dei cibernauti"

Dutch: "De laatste der Cybernauten"



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Live-action titlesProduced: May 1976
UK Premiere: 2 November 1976
US Premiere: 9 March 1979

One trip too many to the well? Pursued by our threesome, double-agent Kane meets a fiery death in a car crash—or does he? Horribly deformed and confined to a wheelchair, Kane learns of the secret of the cybernauts and devises a means to inhabit a robot body in order to exact his revenge on the Avengers!


The plot is akin to the phrase it inspires, "Been there, done that"—both of them are overused. But since they insisted on doing it anyway, riddle me this: Frederick Jaeger was still available, having appeared in "Target!," so why didn't they have him reprise his role as Benson, Armstrong's assistant? A familiar face might have added a fun sense of history to an otherwise uninspired effort that is capped by the lame humor of the "plastic skin" solution.

To its credit, however, the episode retains some of the original series' best elements: an obsessive diabolical mastermind (who inhabits a great set), a minimalist cast, and the bleak, lifeless streets of a fantasy-land London.


The original that inspired this mess was "The Cybernauts," which was followed by "Return of the Cybernauts." Rather like a lot of movies that wind up as trilogies.

All too obvious at times are the public-service-announcement-style shots of our heroes carefully buckling their seat belts before engaging in high-speed car chases...



Written by
Directed by

Brian Clemens
Sydney Hayers

Full production credits


John Steed
Mike Gambit
Doctor Marlow
Professor Mason
Mrs. Weir
2nd Guard
1st Guard

Patrick Macnee The 007 Connection
Gareth Hunt
Joanna Lumley The 007 Connection
Robert Lang
Oscar Quitak
Gwen Taylor
Basil Hoskins*
Robert Gillespie*
David Horovitch
Sally Bazely
Pearl Hackney
Martin Fisk
Eric Carte
Ray Armstrong
Rocky Taylor*
Davina Taylor


Basil Hoskins

The Outside-In Man

Robert Gillespie

Have Guns - Will Haggle

Rocky Taylor

Escape in Time

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