Episode 144: Tara King Era
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Steed finds it more challenging to properly assemble his nephew's model plane than to solve a deadly case.


English: "Falcon

 Le legs

 Der Dolch der tausend Tode

 Testamento di morte

 El Legado De La Muerte

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Steed inherits a large extended family
Tara reveals her foot fetish*

Production completed: 9 Aug. 1968
UK Premiere (London, Season 7): 20 November 1968
US Premiere (New York, Season 4): 4 November 1968

Steed inherits a dagger from an anonymous benefactor, and it seems the world is after this thing. As the bodies begin piling up in Steed's flat, Tara learns that the dagger is the key to the hiding place of a buried treasure!


Take two Maltese Falcons and watch this episode in the morning. Actually it's quite fun, with Stratford Johns and Ronald Lacey turning in delightfully way-over-the-top performances as Sidney Street and Humbert Green. Derivative, to be sure, but far more successful than "Noon Doomsday." Just the bevy of weirdoes is enough to maintain one's interest.


"Where oh where is the 'Tara Tickle Torture' scene?" For those fans frantically trying to locate a scene in which Tara is tickled with feathers in order to obtain information, you can cool your jets—it wasn't edited out of the video because it never existed in the first place. Everyone still talks about it as though it was a long lost scene only because of Dave Rogers' books—his synopses are based on shooting scripts, studio memos and press releases, which can sometimes be far removed from what makes it onto the screen. In this case, the Tara Tickle Torture scene became a water torture (see frame grab) and then, later, the original tables were turned—on Sidney Street, as Tara tickles him.

If for whatever reason you're into tickling, Steed does a bit in "How To Succeed....At Murder."

Holger Schmitz wonders why, after Gorky makes his very last breath whilst bashing his last glass of champagne, does Steed call for a doctor when the man is already dead?

*This unofficial subtitle is by Yours Truly.

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Terry Nation
Don Chaffey

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John Steed
Tara King
Sidney Street
Humbert Green
Baron Von Orlak
Ho Lung

Patrick Macnee 007
Linda Thorson
Stratford Johns #
Ronald Lacey #
Ferdy Mayne #
Kynaston Reeves #
Richard Hurndall
John Hollis # 007
Leon Thau
Tutte Lemkow
Peter Swanwick
Vic Wise #
Teddy Kiss
Michael Bilton



Romo Gorrara 007


John Hollis

The Cybernauts
The Superlative Seven

Stratford Johns

The Frighteners

Ronald Lacey

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The Joker

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