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The Avengers in the NETHERLANDS

by Remco Admiraal, Dokkum, the Netherlands (with broadcast data from Henkus Schumacher)

The Avengers was broadcast on Dutch television as De Wrekers, which is a literal translation of the British title. The series was shown with Dutch subtitles and without commercial breaks.

De Wrekers premiered 18 October 1966 and was almost instantly successful. Dutch broadcasting company KRO showed the series (with intervals) until 30 August 1975. In the sixties, episodes with Honor Blackman and Diana Rigg were shown. Starting January 1970 the series with Linda Thorson was shown, followed by repeats of the Diana Rigg episodes in the summer of 1974 because these proved most popular by far.

KRO Broadcasting Company

Dial a Deadly Number

18 Oct 66

The Thirteenth Hole

13 Dec 66

Room Without a View

28 Jan 67

The Hour That Never Was

07 Mar 67

Silent Dust

30 May 67

The Master Minds

27 June 67

Quick-Quick Slow Death

25 July 67

Castle De'ath

16 Aug 67

Two's a Crowd

24 Aug 67

Small Game for Big Hunters

11 Sept 67

The Town of No Return

19 Sept 67


17 Oct 67

The Cybernauts

02 Dec 67

Dead Man's Treasure

12 Dec 67

Death's Door

09 Jan 68

Mission... Highly Improbable

05 Mar 68

The See-Through Man

02 April 68

Escape in Time

28 May 68

How To Succeed....At Murder

25 June 68

A Sense of History

11 July 68

The Girl from Auntie

23 July 68

Honey for the Prince

08 Aug 68

The House That Jack Built

20 Aug 68

A Surfeit of H2O

17 Sept 68

Death at Bargain Prices

02 Nov 68

Man-Eater of Surrey Green

30 Nov 68

The Gravediggers

28 Dec 68

What the Butler Saw

25 Jan 69

Return of the Cybernauts

22 Feb 69

From Venus With Love

19 April 69

The Fear Merchants

17 May 69

The 50,000 Breakfast


The Winged Avenger


The Correct Way to Kill


A Funny Thing Happened...


Veronica Broadcasting Company

The Winged Avenger

19 May 93

The Living Dead

22 May 93

The Hidden Tiger

26 May 93

The Correct Way to Kill

29 May 93

Never, Never Say Die

06 July 93


13 July 93

The Superlative Seven

20 July 93

A Funny Thing Happened...

27 July 93

In October 1976 The Avengers resurfaced on Dutch TV as the first season of 13 episodes of The New Avengers was shown. The second season was shown from September 1977.

The success of the series can also be measured by the release of several interesting pieces of Dutch memorabilia of the series.

There were four paperbacks released to coincide with the airing of The Avengers. In 1967 the British paperbacks were translated and published with a front cover design by well known artist Dick Bruna (in the range Zwarte beertjes) with black and white photos of Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg. The paperbacks were translations of "Heil Harris," "The Passing of Gloria Munday," "The Floating Game" and "The Laugh was on Lazarus," all originally by John Garforth. The stories of these paperbacks were published in the weekly TV Guide Studio by broadcasting company KRO as well. There were also two comic strip magazines published based on the Emma Peel as well as a Dutch version of the British Emma Peel Avengers Annual.

Tara King was also treated with a comic strip book. In the range TV Favorieten a 64-page colour comic strip book with several stories was published. Finally, there was one Dutch paperback of The New Avengers published late 70s, "House of Cards."

In 1984 and 1993 the colour Emma Peel episodes were repeated and in 1995 Dutch satellite channel Veronica repeated these again together with the Tara King episodes (October to November 1995). Both colour series have been released on DVD the last couple of years.

The New Avengers was shown as De Terugkeer van de Wrekers on Dutch TV, which translates into "the return of the Avengers." There was a lot of attention in the press for the series, and the stars were shown on the front covers and in articles of several Dutch TV guides and gossip magazines.

The episodes were shown uncut and without commercial breaks. It was shown in two blocks, season I and season II, on prime time and was rather successful, but was never repeated on Dutch TV.

It is very interesting to note that the series premiered on Dutch TV almost one month before the UK! While the series in the UK started 22 October 1976, Dutch viewers were able to see The New Avengers 7 October. This was not uncommon, as the same thing happened with another "remake" TV series, Return of the Saint, which premiered in June 1978 (UK premiere September 1978).

Shown on the second Dutch TV Channel Nederland 2 (KRO) 8.25 pm to 9.15 pm:

The New Avengers Season 1

House of Cards

De kaarten des doods

7 Oct 76

The Midas Touch


14 Oct 76

The Last of the Cybernauts...??

De laatste der Cybernauten

21 Oct 76

The Eagle's Nest

Het Adelaarsnest

28 Oct 76

To Catch a Rat

Ratten vangen

4 Nov 76

Cat Amongst the Pigeons

Een kat tussen de duiven

11 Nov 76

Tale of the Big Why

Het grote waarom

25 Nov 76

The Three-Handed Game

De Geheugenbank

2 Dec 76



9 Dec 76



16 Dec 76



23 Dec 76



30 Dec 76

Dirtier by the Dozen

De verdwenen Generaal

6 Jan 77

The New Avengers Season 2


De Val

29 Sept 77


De Gijzeling

3 Oct 77

Medium Rare

Het Medium

10 Oct 77

Dead Men Are Dangerous

Gevaarlijke Lijken

17 Oct 77



24 Oct 77

Angels of Death

Engelen van de Dood

31 Oct 77

The Lion and the Unicorn

De Eenhoorn

7 Nov 77

K is for Kill, Part 1

De M van Moord

14 Nov 77

K is for Kill, Part 2

De M van Moord

21 Nov 77


Het Complex

28 Nov 77

The Gladiators

De gladiatoren

5 Dec 77

Forward Base

De geheime basis

12 Dec 77



19 Dec 77


The Avengers "in Color" with Emma Peel is available in the Netherlands on DVD, courtesy of A-Film Nederland. Soundtrack is English with optional Dutch subtitles. A couple of sample menus from the disc are shown below.



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