Episode 15: The New Avengers
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Steed's filly of the week: Miranda

Gambit's conquest of the week: "Girlfriend

Purdey's date who dies of the week: Marty Brine

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Produced: March 1977
UK Premiere: 13 October 1977
US Premiere: 2 March 1979

"Chinese take-away!" Together with a CIA agent, the Avengers intercept a drug drop that had been arranged by a Chinese overlord with visions of joining the ranks of world-class drug dealers. Embarrassed by the bungled drop, the overlord exacts his revenge on the Avengers by kidnapping them in a plane and bringing them to his home turf, where he has prepared three chopping blocks for the purpose of executing them in front of his drug dealing chums!


Bad enough that the script is about three pages long and thoroughly perforated—the bulk of the hour is spent in some "Eastern" forest, with our trio trying to evade capture—but it is further crippled by an otherwise decent guest actor (Terry Wood) who is about as Chinese as Gambit and affecting a dreadful voice effect, plus another guest actor (Stuart Damon) playing a CIA agent with an American accent about as convincing as Gambit's Irish burr—which is really odd, since Stuart is American! Here's an example of one of the many plot deficiencies: Steed dons the uniform of the enemy—a (real) oriental who stands a good foot shorter—yet it fits perfectly. One of the three worst episodes (along with "The Gladiators" and "Gnaws"), this one at least has the benefit of being laughably bad on occasion.


Director Ray Austin, by the way, was the stunt arranger for the Emma Peel era, and made a credited appearance in "The Gravediggers."


 Best Line

Steed: "My arm is broken." Purdey: "Are you sure?" Steed: "It is my arm."


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Written by
Directed by

Brian Clemens
Ray Austin

Full production credits


John Steed
Mike Gambit
Soo Choy
Dom Carlos
Marty Brine

Patrick Macnee 007
Gareth Hunt
Joanna Lumley 007
Terry Wood #
Ferdy Mayne #
Robert Rietty # 007
Kristopher Kum #
Yasuko Nagazumi
Stuart Damon
Barry Lowe
Annegret Easterman
Bruce Boa # 007
Larry Lamb
Maj Britt



Vincent Wong


Bruce Boa

Dead On Course

Kristopher Kum

Homicide and Old Lace

Ferdy Mayne

Legacy of Death

Robert Rietty

Conspiracy of Silence

Terry Wood

The Three-Handed Game

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